So When Are We Opening: Nov 24 2019

Unfortunately my time line has been extended more times then I can count. If you had asked me in February 2018 I would have told you May of 2019. If you asked me in May 2019 I would have said July and in July I said Fall, and in the Fall I said 2019. If you had read the previous blog post you'd think I have no idea what I'm talking about (you might be right).


On the home page of this site I have just updated to 2020. People have expressed concern that I may have gone the way of another start up brewery in the area that never got out of the development phase. I can assure you that this can not be the case at this point for me. I am financially committed and there is no turning back. The town has been incredibly supportive, the state is waiting for the pictures of the completed construction, and the feds have already issued the permit. Its just a matter of finishing building the damn thing.

So what's gone on at the site right now? Well the electricians have been there working on all the wall sockets so you guys can charge your devices at the tables. They plan to start working on the lighting fixtures next week. Along with some of the big stuff for the equipment.


I moved the guts of the bar into the space last week with a U-Haul, the help of my neighbor, and my head brewer, Mike Formisano. (I almost got crushed to death by a run away refrigerator, which only made me laugh as I remembered that old prank phone call question "Is your frig running?") The Reverse Osmosis water filter is already in the space waiting to be installed. I still need to order toilets and sinks for the bathroom and tile for the floors.


The big thing I'm waiting on is the basement floor. It has to be ripped out and replaced. Once that occurs I can move my equipment out of storage and into position. (this is when I can take pictures for the state permit).


The tables tops are finished, bar top is almost completed. I have the keg order lined up for shipment. I have my glycol system ordered and ready for installation once the equipment is in position. I have my CO2 vender calling me every 2 weeks ready to install.


Meanwhile at home. I have been working to onboard the Point of Sales software and Accounting software. Mike Formisano has been perfecting new recipes and tweaking the water chemistry on some of his award winning beers to make them even better!


Mike has also been trying some new recipes including a Belgian Double, a Brut IPA, a New England IPA, and a Christmas Warmer. All of them we can not wait to share with you all.


I will update again next month. Have a Happy Turkey Day!



Will Dodge

Owner and Founder


"It is through art, and through art only, that we can realize our perfection." ~ Oscar Wilde