Time Keeps On Ticking: June 27 2019

So here we are in June and we are still in construction. The popular question has been when are we opening. For right now I'm hoping for September. So the next question people ask is what has been delaying you. In short, everything. So much relies on completing one task before the next and each step always ends up taking an extra couple days a week or a month. But it's not all doom and gloom. In fact I have pretty good news to share.


I heard today that the landlord is almost completed with his construction to the building. Estimating another two weeks. Also I heard that my brewing equipment has been booked on a vessel that is due to arrive in Newark on July 30th. I'm hoping to get a vessel name and have some fun tracking its voyage if I can.


Current hurdles include some bank stuff, my build out of the space, and the brewing permit from the state. I expect more hurdles to come though.


My days now are mostly filled with learning our brewery software program and customizing it to our business. I'm also doing a lot of data entry, faxing, finding notaries, continuing to develop the payroll system and paying bills. Sooo many bills. So like every other small business out there I guess.


Meh, let's talk beer again. Mike Formisano (The Head Brewer) and I have been working on dialing in some recipes. I'm really liking where our Brut IPA recipe has ended up and suspect it may become a crowd favorite after my son's recent birthday party where the parents polished off the keg no problem. As for what's next. In the secondary fermenter we have a Honey Blonde Ale. In the primary fermenter we have a Belgian Dubbel. On deck to brew next week is a Porter, Saison, Juicy IPA, and Kolsch!

I feel like quite a few major milestones have been reached and the dream is slowly becoming a reality. Though the reality hit my wife a long time ago when the bar was finished before the build out and we had said bar in our garage for the last month and the basement is about to be filled with 5 gallon glass carboys fermenting beer.



Will Dodge

Owner and Founder


"When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is." ~ Oscar Wilde