Here at Bull N Bear Brewery we are always excited to engage with our community. Whether that is the craft beer community or the local community. This is a list of some events we are looking forward to being a part of. If you don't see an event you think we should be a part of reach out to us at

Upcoming Events

Karaoke: First Thursday of every month
Open Mic: Third Wednesday of every month
Trivia Night: Fourth Tuesday of every month


April 4, Thursday
8-11pm: Karaoke

April 5, Friday
Dan Baldan and Jeff Soriano
$10 cover

April 12, Friday
8-11pm: The Erika Sherger Trio
$10 Cover

April 17, Wednesday
7-10pm: Open Mic

April 19, Friday
8-11pm: Workingman's Jed Quartet
$10 Cover

April 23: Tuesday
7-9pm: Trivia Night

April 26, Friday
8-11pm: The Get Down Proper
$10 Cover


May 2, Thursday
8-11pm: Karaoke

May 4, Saturday
8-11pm: Doubleday and Friends
$10 cover

May 5, Sunday
4-6pm: Sidebuckle

May 10, Friday
8-11pm: The Hayburners
$10 cover

May 15, Wednesday
7-10pm: Open Mic

May 17: Friday
8-11pm: Spare Tire Band
$10 cover
Slowfire Pizza Truck

May 19, Sunday
2-4pm: CAMP jazz quartet

May 25, Saturday
8-11pm: The Joe Cirotti Trio
$10 cover
Mexican Spice Truck

May 28, Tuesday
7-9pm: Trivia Revolution