Designing A Brewery: Nov 13 2018

With our location picked out it was time to make it look like a brewery. I had taken classes after college in graphic design thinking that may be something I wanted to pursue. Turns out I stank at art but I still remembered how to use the programs. So while waiting for some official drawings from the architect I started throwing together some ideas. This post will be comments on the different drafts so you can see how the design took shape to address each problem (of many) that came up.

This first layout was before the additional basement space had been secured. There was also an issue of fitting the equipment through the door to the basement. This addition would end up being key because at this point there was very little room for the Hot and Cold Liquor Tanks (HLT & CLT). There was also a question of wether the ADA (American Disability Act) size bathrooms would fit in this position, let alone leave space for a rear exit and bathroom plumbing. It ended up being an invaluable layout as it helped me understand how big the equipment would be compared to the space and that it wouldn't fit through the door to the basement and even once down there I still needed more square footage.

Below was another layout where the additional basement space had not yet been secured. The layout attempted to address some of the issues with the first layout. Most important was adding a lift. I placed it where the existing exterior stairs to the basement are. But that ended up not being a good solution as the engineers were concerned about excavating so close to the foundation of an old building.


- I was able to fit one of the liquor tanks upstairs after modifying its shape. (But this would end up being a fruitless effort)

- Sidewalk permit needed 4 feet of clearance from lamp posts and meters

- Added an interior stairwell

- Bathroom position still a problem

- Added room to mill grains, grain dust can be flammable (or inflammable)


Below is another round of designs.

This is the most recent version of the brewery. It includes both halves of the basement.


- Removed the backroom as it was not up to code and needed to be demolished.

- New patio space in back created and sidewalk seating in front removed.

- Front wall pushed out to be flush with neighboring buildings

- Bathrooms and Brewhouse relocated

- 3bbl Pilot system added to basement

- Interior stairs added

- Walk-in cooler moved to other half of basement

Issues still with this version.

- The mill and grist auger (white pipe) too far from mash tuns

- Hot Liquor adds additional weight. It needs to be moved to the basement

- Lift needs to be moved again as sewer pipe is located there

- Boiler moved to other side of wall as it might need to be enclosed

- Office space allotted but not yet designed

- Walk-in cooler needs to be long and narrow as there are pillars in the basement with a low beam going down the center plus I need to leave room for existing electrical panel


The final result will look similar to this but I'm sure things will continue to evolve. I have only shown 3 versions in this post but this is actually the 5th version and I'm currently working on a 6th.

Next Post: Permitting and Licensing


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Will Dodge

Owner and Founder