Will Dodge, Founder and Owner of Bull N Bear Brewery... in downtown Summit, New Jersey, walks us through his several-year battle, both ups and downs, on what has gone into opening up a brewery, a small business, highly regulated, in the midst of a pandemic in New Jersey. A behind the scenes look, candid view of what is to come at Bull N Bear Brewery:

1) What drove Will's passion and formal decision to making it official and opening a brewery?
2) What was it like from a federal, state, and municipal level, opening a brewery during this time?
3) How has Coronavirus and the Pandemic of 2020 had an impact on Bull N Bear Brewery?
4) Will gives a personal tour of the brewing equipment and capacity. Small location? Think again.
5) Final thoughts, stories, silver lining, generous community support, and special beer tasting!

"Every problem is an opportunity in disguise" ~ John Adams quote, and Will Dodge perspective

Making A Brewery: June 7 2019

So a lot goes into making a brewery. A lot that does not even involve brewing beer. So finally here was Mike and I's first brew session together this past summer (Alex was in Canada). We decided to start off with a 10 gallon batch on my home...

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Permitting & Lic Process & Taxes: Dec 10 2018

(The statements below are for entertainment purposes only and are not to be considered tax advise, Bull N Bear Brewery LLC is not a tax advisor and recommends speaking with a tax advisor before selling, purchasing, drinking or reading about any beer,...

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Designing A Brewery: Nov 13 2018

With our location picked out it was time to make it look like a brewery. I had taken classes after college in graphic design thinking that may be something I wanted to pursue. Turns out I stank at art but I still remembered how to use the programs. So...

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