Our Journey

Choosing A Location: Nov 4 2018

Ok, now that we have a name and an order placed on some equipment. Its time find a location. Well, that's not exactly the order of how this all happened. I was looking for a location almost immediately. In fact that was what kicked this project...

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Brewery Equipment: One Size Does Not Fit All : Oct 19 2018

Picking out equipment has been a challenge (but the hardest is coming up in the next post). The larger the system and the more automated the process the larger the initial capital investment. Though you can make more beer at once saving on labor,...

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Why the Name Bull N Bear? Oct 19 2018

So why the name Bull N Bear? So for those who do not follow the capital markets this may not be as obvious to you. Bullish or Bearish are terms commonly used to relay your outlook on a particular security, index, or perhaps an economy in general. Both...

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